Board Nomination Process

Many past-presidents and officers of CREW Detroit find serving in a leadership to provide a number of invaluable benefits including:

  • Leading a dynamic group of people and making directional and strategic decisions for the organization.
  • Understanding of how to serve on a board.
  • Building business and personal relationships with other leaders in our industry and community.
  • Furthering our mission to advance the success of women in commercial real estate.

The CREW Detroit Board of Directors is made up of 11 positions which include president, president-elect, immediate past-president, treasurer, secretary/Communications Committee liaison, Golf Committee liaison, Impact Awards Committee liaison, Membership Committee liaison, Outreach Committee liaison, Programs Committee liaison and Professional Development Committee liaison.

Nominations open to all CREW Detroit members in July. Applications are reviewed and interviews are conducted by an assembled nominating committee that meets at the end of August. The Nomination Committee develops the slate of candidates to be approved by a vote of our membership in September.

Treasurer, secretary and committee liaison or board director positions each hold a two-year commitment and are appointed on a staggered basis with four or five positions turning over annually.

A new president-elect is appointed each year. The role holds a three-year commitment beginning with the position of president-elect. The president-elect supports the president while also leading CREW Detroit’s Sponsorship Committee. The nominee would move on to lead the organization as president the following year. In the final tenure of the three-year commitment, as immediate past-president the nominee would support the incoming president while also leading the CREW Detroit Board of Directors nomination process.

All positions begin January of the next calendar year following the approved slate.

Nomination Committee and Process
Each summer the immediate past-president petitions nominations for the coming year’s available board positions and establishes a Nomination Committee, generally made up of four or five select volunteer members, the president-elect, president and immediate past-president.

Nominations to the executive board begin with a confidential application, in which members will state their intentions and select their desired leadership positions.

Members nominating for the president-elect position will undergo a lengthier process, including an in-person interview with the Nomination Committee. This is the only position that requires an interview.

Following the application submission deadline, the Nomination Committee assembles for a full day of application review and discussion and conducts interviews for president-elect.

Appointments are made that day and announced following a membership-wide survey and approval of the selected slate, conducted via email.

Self-nominations are encouraged.

One way to prepare for a board position is to join and chair or co-chair one of CREW Detroit’s various committees. Read more about committee responsibilities here.

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