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CREW Detroit Outreach extends the mission and vision of CREW Network into our schools, universities, and our communities.

Our goal is to inspire, engage, and educate the next generation of women to pursue careers in commercial real estate.  Outreach programs and events create dynamic forums that continue the CREW conversation and goal of achieving parity in our industry.

CREW Detroit Outreach hosts several events to help make an impact on our community. Participating in these events is an excellent avenue to network and expand your zone of influence.

  • CREW Detroit's Outreach programsCREW Careers: Building Opportunities –CREW Careers is a program that introduces young girls to careers in the commercial real estate industry. See the CREW Careers page for all the photos, details, and to volunteer for next year’s event. See the CREW Careers page
  • UCREW: Building Relationships – UCREW is a program that introduces commercial real estate careers to college and university students, as well as early-career professionals. See the UCREW Page
  • Community Stewardship: Building Bridges – CREW Detroit member knowledge and know-how doesn’t stop in the class rooms. Just like a building needs a solid foundation, our communities need a firm footing in health and wellness in order to strive towards full potential. CREW Outreach takes action with both dollars and deeds.
  • Dollar for Dollars – CREW Detroit Outreach supports programs and initiatives that give women and young girls the basic necessities of food, clothing, and shelter.  We’ve provided financial support to organizations such as Alternatives for Girls, Vista Maria, and Jackets for Jobs. In 2014 we began our partnership with Life Remodeled.  Member and Sponsor donations – even during the lean and tough economies – continue to come in.
  • One Good Deed … Leads to Many – CREW Members have rallied to build something special – quite literally. Through donations of time, talent and expertise, members of CREW Detroit helped to plan, design, fund, purchase, and build new facilities for First Step and Alternatives for Girls. From the office to the work-site, we’ve gotten our hands dirty building homes for Habitat for Humanity and improving schools for Life Remodeled.
  • Holiday Party: Building Gratitude – CREW Outreach celebrates – by going above and beyond.  Every December, immersed in an atmosphere of camaraderie, stewardship and gratitude – the CREW Detroit Holiday Party holds silent and/or live auctions.  The results are cash and in-kind donations to more local charities.  We don’t just agree with CREW Networks’ vision.  We create it in our own community.
  • CREW Outreach: Building Success – The secret to our success is simple:  CREW members are engaged.  It’s more than just giving back.  CREW Outreach is paying it forward.

Take your CREW experience to the next level with CREW Outreach.

Outreach has a place for everyone, every time commitment, and every idea. Your participation will develop your core strengths and reveal new ones. To join the Outreach Committee, contact:

Outreach/UCREW Chair: Mary Anne Wilson | Staples, Inc. | 248.798.3188 | maryanne.wilson@staples.com

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